Ultra-Rugged Waterproof Case
for the iPhone 5/5s

aXtion Pro for iPhone

Unleash your smartphone in environments never before thought possible with
the aXtion Pro. Submersible in 2 meters of water for 1 hour, waterproof, and
shock-proof, this case maximizes what the device can do in businesses,
schools, homes, and more. And with Accutouch™ technology you can fully
enjoy the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

1. Double-coated AR Sharpvue™ Lens for amazingly clear pictures.
2. Extra-wide camera cutout reduces light leak from nearby flash.
3. Fully-functional Mute Button for easy operation.
4. Raised Volume Up Button for easy picture taking.
5. Triple Grip™ Accessories Port.
6. Hand Strap included for convenient carrying.
7. AccuTouch™ Home Button cover is Touch ID compatible.
8. Secure Charging Port Screw so your phone stays closed and protected,
even when dropped.
9. Screw-in Headphone Port Cover keeps water out.
10. Microphone and Speaker cutouts with Intelli-filter™ membranes.
11. Super-responsive screen protector for the most fluid touch experience.
12. Extra-wide front camera cutout for ultimate picture clarity.

iPhone Handlebar Bicycle Mount for aXtion Pro

Suction mount for aXtion Pro

Float for aXtion Pro