About us

Our vision

Our mission: to offer high-end accessories for tablets and smartphones.

Today we prefer the range of "iPad & iPhone" product of California-based "The Joy Factory" whose quality and technicality match our requirements of design and innovation, especially with the use of carbon fiber .

Our products

Our range consists primarily of:

  • innovative and original carbon supports, provided for all domestic or professional uses (products "Magconnect")
  • covers and high quality protective shells that allow the long term, the use of your equipment in extreme conditions; these products are associated with a wide range of complementary accessories for specific uses (boat, car, bicycle)
  • clever waterproof covers to calmly expose your devices at all wet or dusty environments (products "Bubbleshield")

Our values

Our human-sized company is the guarantee of a close relationship and trust.

The Gizeur team